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This page has all the resources, updates, and tools that you need to stay connected with us as we evolve to serve you better. We’ll share critical changes and timelines as we continue our evolution. We encourage you to check this page for regular updates. 




Since launching our new Transportation Management System for National Linehaul, Truckload & Dedicated, and the pilot in Calgary, we’ve made great progress. Over the past three weeks, we’ve encountered some of the challenges that can be expected with such a significant implementation. We appreciate your patience as we've worked to stabilize our systems.

An implementation of this size impacts a wide range of processes across our business, from time zone logic to printer configuration. We have all hands on deck troubleshooting from every angle and providing ongoing training to our teams. Our strategic approach allows us to be agile and make rapid adjustments as we implement these new systems and processes. 

While we're in the early stages of this rollout, these new systems and processes will allow us to serve you better with increased visibility, streamlined transactions, and the ability to more easily manage your shipment details.

Please continue to check this page for regular updates.


What You Need to Know & Do


What you need to know
We continue our strategic investments in technology, processes, equipment, and people to serve you better.

A key element of this transformational journey is an EDI Upgrade to mandatory fields for 204 and 211 transaction sets.

What you need to do
The technology that enables your automated communication with us is changing and we need your company to get ready.

  • Discover what’s changing.
  • Share this page with people in your organization who should know about these changes.

Data Integration


The transition to mandatory fields for 204 and 211 transactions will help:

  • Streamline your EDI transactions
  • Elevate your data interchange to an industry standard
  • Manage your shipments consistently and more timely
  • Ensure more frequent updates

What you need to do
If you’re not the EDI Technical contact, please engage your IT Team immediately to ensure the testing deadline is met.

To prepare for this change, you need to:

  • Get a copy of our updated mandatory specs for EDI204 and EDI211.
  • Complete an EDI204 and EDI211 test to ensure the data is correct and there are no issues so your file can be auto-accepted.
  • Once you’ve completed your test, please send a copy of your file to


  • During this transformation, EDI endpoint & transmission process, as well as existing registration process remain the same.
  • Auto-Accept will be turned on for your account only if mandatory fields are properly completed.

Please refer to the Guides page for a copy of the EDI 204 & EDI 211 updated specs.


New APIs: Action Required
Another change that we’re working on is the implementation of new APIs in the upcoming months.

Get ready
  • Confirm your API Technical Contact. Email us:
  • Engage your IT department to ensure they are available for the upgrade.
  • Migrate to REST (vs. SOAP) to align with our new TMS, TruckMate, APIs in terms of syntax and functionality.
The new APIs will offer a new service and additional capabilities:
  • Get Invoice
  • Cancel and modify shipments
  • Provide commodity and DG details when creating an order
Stay tuned for more details on:
  • When to update to the new API specs.
  • How to complete testing prior to the transition.
Please note
  • Existing API registration process and authentication credentials will remain the same.
  • Connection endpoint at Day & Ross (URL, IP Address, Port details) will change.

The implementation dates for EDI and API changes may change. Please continue to check this page for up-to-date information.

Credit Card Payments

To further protect your personal information and streamline your payments, we’ve implemented an additional step in our verification process.

Effective immediately, you are required to provide the last four digits of your credit card in addition to the information below:
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice amount to be paid
  • Total amount to be charged
  • Currency (CAD/USD)
  • Credit card type

An even more secure way to pay your invoices is through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Reach out to us at for assistance with EFT setup.

For assistance with credit card payments contact us at: | (506) 375-5420