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2021 Holiday Schedule

Accessorial Charges - Domestic Shipments

Accessorial Charges - Transborder Shipments

Application Programming Interface (API) Services

Chain of Signature (COS) Guide: LTL/TL

Claims Policy – Dedicated

Claims Policy – LTL/TL Commerce Solutions

Commerce Solutions - Accessorial Charges

Commerce Solutions – Domestic Zone Matrix

Commerce Solutions - Terms & Conditions

Commerce Solutions Tariff - D9 & AM Next Day Delivery

Commerce Solutions Tariff – Expedited Ground (EG)

Commerce Solutions Tariff – H1

Commerce Solutions Tariff – H2

Commerce Solutions Tariff – H3

Commerce Solutions Tariff – H4

Commerce Solutions Tariff – H5

Commerce Solutions Tariff – H6

Commerce Solutions Tariff – Urgent Letter & Urgent PAC

Commerce Solutions Tariff - US Rates 

Commerce Solutions Transit Times - Expedited Ground (EG)

Commerce Solutions Transit Times - Homeway 

Cross-Border Rules – LTL/TL

Cubing Reference Guide

Domestic Master Tariff - LTL/TL

How to Calculate Your Freight Cost

How to Package Your Freight

How to Request a Pickup

How to Request a Quote

How to Ship Dangerous Goods

How to Ship from Canada to US

How to Ship from US to Canada

How to Track a Shipment

Points Guide – LTL/TL (Freight) - Excel

Points Guide - LTL/TL (Freight) - PDF    

Points Lookup

Proof of Delivery & Additional Services Form

Protect from Freeze Service – Holiday Schedule

Quick Tips: How to Ship With Us

Restricted Articles: Domestic Shipments

Restricted Articles: Transborder Shipments

Ship Guide for 3PL Customers

Transborder Services - Commodity Descriptions

Transit Time Schedule - LTL/TL