The ever-changing logistics landscape may pose challenges even to the most experienced shippers. We’re here to design the right North American Logistics solution that helps you meet your supply chain demands, achieve operational efficiencies, and be competitive. Whether it’s over-the-road, intermodal, ocean or air, we manage all aspects of your logistics project so that you can focus on what you do best. We’re like a travel agent for your shipping needs: we find the right mode to get your North American shipment to its final destination so that your business can thrive.
Do you have an urgent shipment that needs to be delivered to your manufacturing plant in a short time-frame? Do you want to avoid production shutdowns that have complex consequences, both financial and environmental? Are you looking for a trusted Logistics partner committed to developing a solution that best fits your needs? We’re here to help. 
Our Logistics services include Over-the-Road, Intermodal, Ocean, and Air.

When you choose our Logistics services, you get:

  • Unbiased expertise 
  • Competitive pricing
  • Flexible capacity
  • Expert consulting services
  • Single point of contact
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Over-the-Road Transportation (OTR)

As your strategic partner, we are committed to finding you the best OTR solution that leverages our partnership with 4000+ approved carriers complemented by our own assets. With a network that spans Canada, US, and Mexico, we can handle all of your OTR Less-than-Truckload (LTL) and Truckload shipping needs like drop trailers, temperature control, dry van, flatbed, and drayage. We are fully equipped to manage any seasonal surges or last-minute product deliveries to keep your supply chain agile and resilient.
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With an increased focus on business continuity in the post-pandemic era, supply chain risk management strategies include a diversification of logistics solutions to reduce over-reliance on a single transportation mode. Using one or two modes of transportation for your freight is the right choice if you ship large amounts of goods, ship long distances, and want to reduce costs. By loading your freight on an intermodal container your shipment can move seamlessly from truck to train and cargo ship, and vice versa.
Whether you’re a large, small, or medium sized business looking to secure capacity with the major railroads you may not be getting the best value. As a top Intermodal Marketing Company (IMC), we take that burden away from you and provide value-added logistics services under a single Door-to-Door freight bill.  
The benefit of using an IMC like Day & Ross is that we have the critical mass to design an end-to-end solution through our network of partners including ocean, rail, and over-the-road. Leveraging a supply chain enabler like Day & Ross for your domestic or international moves helps you gain a competitive advantage, build a resilient supply chain, and access additional outside capacity when you need it. Another benefit is that we can control the first and final mile of your freight, the most critical parts of your shipment. 
Our Intermodal team of experienced railroaders with unique insights into how railroads operate will work with you to develop the type of end-to-end solution that you expect from supply chain experts: cost-effective, fuel-efficient, and environmentally responsible.

As your trusted IMC partner, we offer:
  • Service with Class 1 railroads regardless of your volume with extended reach throughout Canada, the US and Mexico
  • Access to rail capacity and outside capacity
  • High degree of cost control and cost certainty
  • Enhanced shipment visibility
  • Dedicated service representative
  • Timely communication and reports 
  • An environmentally-friendly solution aligned with your sustainability commitment
  • Supply chain guidance and consultation

Our unparalleled access to outside capacity of all equipment types will help hedge your supply chain against the direct Class 1 capacity constraints during periods of extreme demand. We’re committed to keeping your transportation program fluid as we understand the complex impact of supply chain disruptions. 

When you partner with Day & Ross, you get access to a logistics integrator with a unified approach in developing an end-to-end solution from pickup and shipping to clearance and delivery – all facilitated by our own experts.
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Ocean Freight

If you’re a small to medium business shipping goods internationally or bringing them from overseas into Canada, dealing directly with shipping lines or freight forwarders is challenging. Not having enough freight to fill an entire container may put you at a disadvantage. 
That’s where we come in to make the process hassle-free and more cost-effective.  As a top Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) and a member of Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA), we offer you space on mainline shipping vessels, load your cargo from your facility, transfer it to gateway ports, and deliver it to your consignee. 
Our close partnerships with all leading ocean carriers gives you the competitive advantage of having access to reliable capacity for your Less-than-Container Load (LCL), Full Container Load (FCL), and Roll-on/Roll-Off (RORO) shipping needs.
Through our extensive network of Ocean Carrier partners on all continents, we can coordinate your international shipments to and from any location in the world.

Air Freight

As an International Air Transport Association (IATA) authorized Cargo Agent, we’ll work with you to streamline all aspects of your international shipping including customs brokerage and transfer at origin. Through our access to a comprehensive global network, we’ll coordinate with airlines to ensure a smooth delivery of your shipment. 
When you work with us, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your international freight is being handled correctly, professionally, and with care. We’ll help you navigate all the essential elements of international trade including insurance, customs clearance, and import/export documentation.
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air freight

Shipping internationally can be daunting especially when some of the activities and costs involved are unclear. The Incoterms® rules, defined by the International Chamber of Commerce, identify the points at which liability for transportation, risk, and cost transfers from the seller to the buyer.
The purpose of the Incoterms® is to determine:

  • Costs: who is responsible for paying the expenses 
  • Control: who owns the goods at any given point in transit
  • Liability: who is responsible for paying damages at any given point in transit