Technology & Innovation

Our Technology Investments

As technology continues to change the way we do business, we’ve made significant investments, including our Business Agility Hub – home to an entire team dedicated to technology initiatives. Learn more about how we’re evolving to serve you better.

Our team of 80 subject matter experts and IT support help us develop and implement new systems and solutions that help you ship efficiently and stay competitive. Here are just a few of the things we’ve been working on:

  • New Transportation Management System (TMS)

  • Route optimization & scheduling solution for final mile deliveries

  • Enhanced EDI solution for 204 (Load Tender) and 211 (Bill of Lading) transactions

  • New API services (Get Invoice, Cancel/Modify Shipment, DG Commodity Details)

  • Simplified invoice design to capture multiple shipment reference numbers and accessorial services

  • Data automation through Oracle/Salesforce/TMS integration

  • Finance Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • TMT Fleet Maintenance


Whether you want to manage your shipment or give your e-commerce customers enhanced tracking, our team at the Business Agility Hub is working hard to create solutions that make transportation and logistics easier.

Creating solutions that make transportation and logistics easier
Data Integration

Adopting data integration is a strategic decision that increases the velocity of your business and delivers an enhanced customer experience. In recent years, changing expectations and behaviours have accelerated digital engagement across almost every industry, turning technology optimization into a competitive advantage. 

Want to speed up order processing, streamline processes, minimize labor, or manage data accuracy? We have the right solution for you. 

Whether you’re looking into switching to a more agile platform, or already using one of our data integration solutions but considering an upgrade, understanding the key capabilities of each is vital for your business success. While all these four options enable process automation, they offer different benefits and setup requirements.

Data Integration Chart EN

Our web-based shipping platform ( helps you automate many of the activities required to create a shipment, request a quote, check transit times, manage your invoices or shipping documents, and generate custom reports.

With no setup cost, an intuitive customer portal, and 24/7 access, this solution provides the convenience of online shipping complemented by the ability to chat with one of our customer service agents.  You can choose to use your own labels, print the BOL (Bill of Lading) and labels created with your shipment, get status updates on your shipments, and upload address books to easily manage your orders.

This automated solution helps you gain efficiencies, save time, and digitize your shipping activities from quote to invoice to proof of delivery.


2. API (Application Programming Interface)
API is a cloud-based solution that allows your website or business software to interact with the Day & Ross system for faster data exchange and real-time updates. Functions that would take hours to complete through other methods can be done in minutes through API.

The simplicity of API makes it the first choice for many shippers who are looking for a scalable solution that can easily connect with ERP or TMS systems already in place, is compatible with future technologies, allows for pickup requests to be automated, and accelerates supply chain visibility.

API makes it easy for you to create a shipment, obtain a quote (intra-Canada or US), get copies of your shipping documents, and retrieve invoices and shipment status information; all done through your own interface that your employees are already familiar with. No training required.


3. Shipping Platform*
If you need web/e-store integration, a shipping manifest, and want to batch import your orders, our Shipping Platform is the right solution. The cloud-based platform is easy to use and can be accessed online after our Data Integration team sets up an account for you. More to follow.

*Available in 2025


4. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
EDI is an electronic interchange method that uses a standardized format and works through a connection to a secure FTP (File Transfer Protocol). EDI becomes easily outdated, it requires an initial developer set-up cost and ongoing service costs to ensure FTP compatibility between you and Day & Ross. Data transmission times are much longer compared to other solutions.


Ready to connect with us? Contact our Data Integration Team.

EDI & API Changes

Critical API and EDI changes are coming soon. Talk to your IT department to ensure they’re aware and ready for this change. Learn more.


  • Check out our tutorials to learn how to create a shipment or pickup, request a quote, manage your shipments, or add users to your account.
  • We’ve created forms and guides to help you navigate shipping requirements for Canada and US, transportation of dangerous goods, e-commerce/home deliveries, or Chain of Custody (COS).