Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

We’ll update our EDI system by implementing mandatory fields for EDI204 (Load Tender) and 211 (Bill of Lading) transactions on November 16, 2022. Talk to your IT department to ensure they are aware of and ready for this change. Send us a test after you update your EDI transaction sets to the new specs for mandatory fields. This should be completed by August 16, 2022 to ensure continuity of service and avoid shipment delays.

The transition to mandatory fields for 204 and 211 transactions will help:

  • Streamline your EDI transactions
  • Elevate your data interchange to an industry standard
  • Manage your shipments consistently and more timely
  • Ensure more frequent updates 


Please refer to the Guides page for a copy of the EDI 204 & EDI 211 updated specs.

We support the following standard EDI Transaction Sets ANSI X12 that customers need to send and receive shipping and billing information:
  • 204 Load Tender
  • 210 Invoice
  • 211 Bill of Lading
  • 214 Shipment Status
  • 820 Remittance Advice
  • 990 Response to Load Tender
  • 997 Transmission Confirmation

Transmission protocols: SFTP (Preferred), VAN (Sterling, Descartes, others), AS2.

To learn more about establishing EDI with us, please contact our EDI specialists.

Application Programming Interface (API) Web Services

At Day & Ross, API technology allows you to integrate your website with ours using a set of codes. You can choose to integrate your retail website, user interface or business software with our key web services, creating a seamless experience for your team and your customers.

New APIs are scheduled for November 16, 2022. To ensure a seamless transition, you should make the switch to the new APIs by October 16, 2022


The new APIs will offer a new service and additional capabilities:
  • Get Invoice
  • Cancel and modify shipments
  • Provide commodity and DG details when creating an order

API Web Services currently offered:

  • Create a Shipment
  • Request a Pickup
  • Get a Domestic Quote
  • Get a US Quote
  • Get Images
  • Get Shipment Information

You can easily create shipping labels, track your shipments, request quotes, and download shipping documentation. For more details about API integration and how it can help, view our API Information Sheet.


To request API and/or EDI integration, download the EDI Form or the API Form.


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