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2021 Holiday Schedule

Accessorial Charges - Domestic Shipments

Accessorial Charges - Transborder Shipments

Accessorial Services

Application Programming Interface (API) Services

Chain of Signature (COS) Guide: LTL/TL

Claims Policy – Dedicated

Claims Policy – LTL/TL Commerce Solutions

Commerce Solutions - Accessorial Charges

Commerce Solutions – Domestic Zone Matrix

Commerce Solutions - Terms & Conditions

Commerce Solutions Tariff - D9 & AM Next Day Delivery

Commerce Solutions Tariff – Expedited Ground (EG)

Commerce Solutions Tariff – H1

Commerce Solutions Tariff – H2

Commerce Solutions Tariff – H3

Commerce Solutions Tariff – H4

Commerce Solutions Tariff – H5

Commerce Solutions Tariff – H6

Commerce Solutions Tariff – Urgent Letter & Urgent PAC

Commerce Solutions Tariff - US Rates 

Commerce Solutions Transit Times - Expedited Ground (EG)

Commerce Solutions Transit Times - Homeway

Cross-border clearance at nine strategic gateways

Cross-Border Rules – LTL/TL

Cubing Reference Guide

Domestic Master Tariff - LTL/TL

How to Calculate Your Freight Cost

How to Package Your Freight

How to ship Dangerous Goods

How to ship from Canada to US

How to Ship from US to Canada

Points Guide – LTL/TL (Freight) - Excel

Points Guide – LTL/TL (Freight) - PDF

Points Lookup 

Proof of Delivery & Additional Services Form

Protect from Freeze Service – Holiday Schedule

Quick Tips: How to Ship With Us

Restricted Articles: Domestic Shipments

Restricted Articles: Transborder Shipments

Ship Guide for 3PL Customers

Transborder Services - Commodity Descriptions

Transit Time Schedule - LTL/TL