Brake Safety Week

Truck driver talking with a safety officer

CVSA’s Brake Safety Week began on Sunday, August 21 and will last through Saturday, August 27, 2022. During this week, inspections will occur across the US, Canada and Mexico and inspectors will place extra emphasis on brake components and record brake-related data. This year’s focus is brake hose/tubing chafing violations. If violations are found, the vehicle and/or driver will be placed out of service until the identified out-of-service conditions have been corrected. 

Vehicles that pass inspection without any critical violations may receive a CVSA decal. In general, vehicles with a CVSA decal are not re-inspected in the three months following Brake Safety Week. Instead, inspectors focus their efforts on vehicles without a valid CVSA decal. 

Like Operation Safe Driver Week, Brake Safety Week aims to ensure that commercial motor vehicles on our roadways are in good condition and are operating safely to reduce the number of road fatalities and ultimately, save lives.

The safety of our drivers and other roadway users is our top priority every day. Thanks to our Safety & Compliance team for the work they do to educate and train our drivers on safe driving and the importance of proper vehicle maintenance, particularly, brake systems. 

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