Rate Adjustment: Commerce Solutions

residential delivery

Effective October 15, 2021, we will be increasing our standard Commerce Solutions Tariff rates. National Discount Tariffs, NAT500, NAT1K, ATL500 and NL500, which are a discount off the standard tariff, will be impacted by this change. Our new Tariff rates will be available on the Guides page on our website under Tools.
As always, we are committed to offering shipping solutions that meet your evolving needs. We’re excited to share that we’re making significant investments in customer-facing technology to improve your experience with us. Some of the upcoming changes include the introduction of an intelligent first and final mile software, advanced web functionality, and increased shipment visibility by piece-level tracking. We also continue to focus on initiatives that support our environmental sustainability and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 
Thank you for your continued trust and for choosing Day & Ross for your shipping needs.