Authenticated User - Create a Shipment (Commerce)

1. In your internet browser proceed to the Day & Ross website

step 1

2. Log in the Day & Ross site

See: Quick Reference Guide - Logging in

3. Select Create Shipment from the Shipment Tracking window

  1. Ensure Create a Shipment is selected

4. Select the Service option:

  1. Commercial - if both locations are in commercial areas
  2. Residential- in one location is a residential address

step 4 commerce

5. Select the Shipment Type

  1. Regular - one way shipment
  2. Exchange - you are delivering an item and the customer is returning an item
  3. Return - you are picking up something the customer is returning


6. Select the Use Quote Number

  1. Select the existing quote option and enter your quote number
  2. Select the New Quote Number if you do not have a quote


Tip: Can’t remember your quote number? Select Look Up Previous Quotes under the Quote or Shipment Number box

7. Enter all required Shipper Details

(Note: All fields with an asterix must be completed)

  1. Contact Name
  2. Company Name
  3. Address
  4. Email Address
  5. Telephone

step 7

8. If required, enter Consignee Details

  1. Contact Name
  2. Company Name
  3. Address
  4. Telephone

(Note: If Email Consignee Shipment Summary is selected, Email Address will be required)

step 8

9. Select Payment Method

  1. If Prepaid or Collect is selected complete Bill to information.
  2. If Third Party is selected the following fields are required:
    1. Contact Name
    2. Company Name
    3. Address
    4. Email Address
    5. Telephone
    6. GST Number

step 9

10. Enter the contact email address to receive a shipment confirmation email.

step 10

11. Click the Next button to advance to Step 2 (Measurements).

next step to measurement

12. Complete the required fields regarding the item(s) to be shipped

  1. Item Count
  2. Item Weight
  3. Item Length
  4. Item Width
  5. Item Height
  6. Description

measurements tab

If you are using a previous quote, your measurements will be filled in. Verify the information in your shipment.

13. Select the Save Item, then Add Another Item, for additional items to be shipped

add another item

14. Click the Next button to advance to Step 3 (Additional Services)

next step to services

15. Additional Services

If required, Select the options for additional services

(Note: Descriptions of each can be found under each option)

additional services

16. Select the two Pickup Details

  1. Your location allows access to a tractor trailer (i.e. more than 53')

pickup details

17. Enter the Pickup Date

(Note: You can enter a future date for pickup)

step 18 commerce

19. Enter the Ready Time for the earliest delivery time

Ready time

20. Enter the Closing Time of your business

(Note: Your Pickup time has to be two hours before your closing time)

closing time

21. Attach any Documents to your shipment (e.g. permits, customs permits)

attach document

22. Note any Special Instructions for the pick up. (e.g. specific door to go to)

special instructions

23. Select Next to advance to Step 5 (Finalize)


24. Review the summary details for accuracy

  1. Edit any details by selecting the Edit button


25. Select Submit Shipment to send the request to Day & Ross

submit shipment

26. Select Download Shipping Documents (BOLs & Labels) to generate a PDF of the BOL and Labels to print

Bols and label

27. Select the Exit option to return to the dashboard