Authenticated User - Creating a Quote (LTL/Truckload)

1. Type the website address in your internet browser.


2. Select Login/Register


3. Select the LTL/Truckload from the drop-down menu (formerly Freight)


4. Enter the email address used to create your profile

5. Enter the password used for your profile


6. Select the Log In option. You will be directed to your Dashboard


7. Scroll to the Quote Summary or:
Select the Quotations option, found by selecting the menu icon at the top of your screen.


8. Select the Request A Quote option from the Quote Summary window


9. Select a Quote Type

Domestic Quote is the default quote type

  1. Select either Domestic or US Quote
  2. To ensure the correct quote type is select, an orange check box, will be visible


10. Domestic Quote

  1. Type either the Town or the postal code in the address field
  2. (Note: All fields with an asterix must have text in them, although you can enter in a few letters if you want to speed up the process)

  3. Select the Payment Method
  4. (Note: This defaults to Prepaid, as it is the only method)

  5. Billing Information
    1. Select the Bill to account from the drop down menu
  6. Request details
    1. Input the correct contact email address
  7. Payment Method
    1. The only selection is defaulted to Prepaid


If you use an address more than once to create a quote (e.g. “Toronto Construction site”) save it as a contact. Enter a nickname at the top of your information, then select the + Add This Contact to my Address Book option at the bottom of your screen

11. US Quote

Mandatory fields will differ pending if Shipper or Consignee is selected

  1. Billing Information
    1. From the drop down menu select the correct Bill to account
  2. Request details
    1. Input the correct contact email address


12. Select Next to proceed to Step 2 (Measurements)


13. Enter measurement information

  1. Item Count
  2. Item Weight
  3. Item Length
  4. Item Width
  5. Item Height
  6. Description

measurements tab

Item Count is the number of pieces the driver has to hand and we have to ship. Two pallets that have 500 boxes wrapped together would be “2.”

14. Select Save Item

  1. If required, select Add Another Item to add another item to your shipment

save item btn

15. Select Next to move on to Step 3 (Accessorials)


16. If required, select the box next to all required additional items (Accessorials)

  1. Descriptions of all accessorials can be found directly under the accessorial


18. Select Next to move on the Step 4 (Finalize)


18. Review the details of this page; the information will be submitted to Day & Ross

19. Select Request Quote to move on to Step 5 (Your Quote)

request quote

20. A quote number has now been generated and will display at the top of the page

21. To proceed with shipping select Ship Now, located at the top of the page

ship now

22. To exit select Exit at the bottom of the page

exit btn