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Volume Density Calculator

Volume Density Calculator

This density calculator has been designed specifically for intra-Canada shipments and is based on the Day & Ross Cubing Policy applicable for domestic freight. If you use this calculator to determine the density of US cross-border shipments, please note that this tool does not provide density based on actual dimensions when dealing with certain non-standard dimensioned freight and the density result may not be applicable for the correct NMFC rating of your US cross-border shipments.

US cross-border shipments are generally subject to density based on actual dimensions.  Please refer to the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) guidelines and definitions to determine a shipment’s actual class. If you have a customized US density tariff published by Day & Ross or if you need assistance with simplified and easy-to-use density-driven NMFC-based pricing, please call Spot Quotes at 1.888.657.7070 or speak with a Day & Ross Sales Professional.

LengthWidthHeightWeight (lbs)Volume (cubic ft.)Density (lbs / cubic ft.)


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