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Real-Time Communications Keep You In Touch

Without leading technology and real-time communications, we could not manage over 3,800 trucks and trailers, 39 terminals across Canada, and cross-border shipping between Canada and the U.S.. Keeping you in touch with your freight and making business more efficient and cost effective is how the technology at Day & Ross Freight benefits you most.

Day & Ross Freight customers have the ability to integrate their systems with ours, which provides reliable, timely updates of their shipments.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Day & Ross Freight supports the standard EDI Transaction Sets ANSI X12 that customers need to send and receive shipping and billing information:

204 – Load Tender
210 – Invoice
211 – Bill of Lading
214 – Shipment Status

Certificates & Partnerships

Certified Security For Your Freight

To safeguard against national security and other threats to your freight and the free flow of the products we transport each day, Day & Ross Freight is compliant with national security legislation, as well as certified or compliant with the following programs:

Hurricane Florence Embargo – U.S. Shipments  (September 17, 2018)

Please note that we may experience delays on U.S. shipments due to Hurricane Florence. The following U.S. terminals are being impacted:

We Built Day & Ross For The Potatoes

Over 65 years ago, Elbert Day and Walter Ross started a transportation company with a single truck. The company was fittingly named Day & Ross. Their first truckload of freight was a load of spuds hauled from New Brunswick to Quebec. It was a simple beginning, but no small potatoes.

Bill Doherty, President & CEO - The Day & Ross Transportation Group

Doug Tingley, President

Bruce Morin, Vice-President Sales and Marketing

Tony Crann, Vice-President Pricing and Administration

John Moss, Vice-President of Terminals

Below are our most requested certificates and permits. To view a copy of the certificate or permit, please contact us

Certificates And Partnerships

  • FAST
  • SmartWay®
  • CSA Certificate
  • PIP Certificate


  • Commercial General Liability
  • Truck Cargo Liability

Safety And Compliance

  • Firearms Permit
  • Alcohol Permit
  • U.S. Hazardous Materials Certificate

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1. Can I pre-book a pick-up for next week? 

Yes; both Day & Ross and R+L Carriers have the system ability to store advanced pickups up to 30 days.  Please call our Customer Care Centre (CCC) at 1.866.329.7677.


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