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We Help Take The Load Off Your MVI’s

Day & Ross will reimburse all Owner Operators for Motor Vehicle Inspections (MVI) up to a maximum of $125.00 per year.

‘Advantage 1’ Owner Operator Program

Enjoy Special Rates For Parts And Maintenance 

Keep your vehicle safe and running efficiently without the hassle of shopping for a reliable truck repair shop or the best rates for parts. Day & Ross has partnered with Parts for Trucks (FGI) to offer you a comprehensive program that provides you with special pricing for parts, as well as maintenance.

Stop Idling And Start Saving! 

Day & Ross will help you take advantage of discounted rates or help with financing to purchase an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) that provides in-cab comfort for all seasons. The unit provides air conditioning and heating, while helping you reduce fuel consumption by 25% and lower your maintenance.

Helping You Keep Your Equipment In Good Order

Day & Ross assists our Owner Operators and Drivers by providing purchase orders for emergency repairs or to help them purchase tires through our national accounts with Michelin, Goodyear and Bridgestone. You can save up to $100 per tire!

Stay Safe In Winter With Chains

Day & Ross is happy to help keep our Owner Operators,  customers’ freight, and the people  they share the road with all safe during winter driving conditions, by reimbursing 50% of the cost of one set of wheel chains (up to a maximum of $125.00).

Save 50% On A HERD Protection Guard/Moose Bumper

The risk and cost of an unprotected animal strike averages approximately $20,000. The Day & Ross Herd Program helps you reduce the financial consequences, which could include downtime, lost revenue, costly repairs, and the payment of a higher deductible. Our partnership with HERD Inc. offers you a great price for a moose bumper. In addition, the deductible on your insurance from $2,500, in the event of an animal collision, is reduced to $500 with a HERD bumper installed.

You Don’t Plan Delays, So We Don’t Let Them Cost You

Day & Ross Owner Operators don’t fret as much about down-time because they know we’re here to help reduce any delays.

Day & Ross will help with the following:

We’ll Work Toward Your Financial Security

Day & Ross’ Fleet Services Department is here to advance our relationship with you. Our Owner Operators Finance & Administration Team helps monitor your financial well-being and ensure you are maximizing your financial potential.


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