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Safe Driving Award

We Recognize Safe Drivers

Day & Ross recognizes and awards full-time Owner Operators and Drivers for each year of accident-free driving with us. Earn your pins and our respect!

Million Mile Award Program

We Award Drivers Who Go The Distance

Stay Covered When You’re Not On The Road

Downtime doesn’t mean the world stops. With Day & Ross, you get the advantage of our downtime insurance package providing the benefits of roadside assistance, service calls, accident towing, driver protection, accident downtime. You also get special services such as truck rentals, hotel and meals, legal services, driver replacement, hazardous weather, identity theft and more.

Health And Wellness Are Important At Day & Ross.

Day & Ross is happy to offer an Employee and Family Assistance Plan (EFAP) to all Owner Operators and full-time Drivers of Owner Operators who are eligible for mandatory and non-mandatory benefits under the program. Provided by Medavie Blue Cross, inConfidence offers 24/7 support, in person, by telephone, and online, for a full range of personal, family, work or life issues.

We Pay For Your Time Getting To Know Us

Day & Ross reimburses Owner Operators and Drivers $100.00 per day for Driver Orientation, lodging, meals and mileage. We make sure it pays to learn the ways at Day & Ross.

Don’t Pay Tolls; We Got It

Day & Ross makes sure you never have to worry about tolls. We pay 100% of all tolls, except for unauthorized routes – i.e. 407 Toll Highway in Ontario; Louis H. Lafontaine Tunnel in Montreal; 219 PA in the U.S.. 

Enjoy Cost Sharing On Uniforms

Every calendar year, Day & Ross Owner Operators and Drivers are eligible for cost sharing of our uniform allowance. Your allowance amount is based on the number of years of service you have spent with the company.

Need Wheels? Day & Ross Has Deals.

Before you buy your next car, you may get a steal of a deal with Day & Ross. Enjoy fantastic discounts and preferred pricing when you purchase or lease a new car from Ford, GM, Mazda or Chrysler. If you’re looking for a sedan, SUV, truck, hybrid or luxury automobile, you’re in for a treat. Get preferred pricing and any available incentives that could add up to thousands of dollars off the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)! 

The Perks Don’t Stop At Day & Ross

When you drive for Day & Ross, you get access to the Perkopolis employee discount program at no additional cost. Easy enrollment. Convenient access. Exclusive discounts to over 1,000 products and services including car rentals, health and wellness services, tickets, hotels, electronics, retail products and more!

10 Outstanding Scholarships For Outstanding Students

As a full-time Owner Operator or Driver for Day & Ross, you have access to the McCain Group Scholarship Program that gives you the opportunity to overcome some of the financial challenges of providing your child with a good education. Day & Ross will enable you to take advantage of a program that helps to support students in their post-secondary studies at a university, degree-granting college or community college—with a maximum value of $16,000.


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