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3PL Customers Shipping Guide

Dedicated Customer Service

Day & Ross has a dedicated group of professionals whose role is to assist our 3PL customers. Staffed until 8:30 PM AST Mon to Fri, our team has the qualifications and expertise to answer any questions that you may have regarding shipping requirements, load tender, track & trace, or billing.

All 3PL customers who wish to arrange a pickup with Day & Ross must contact the Day & Ross 3PL Team who will assist them with the following:


SmartWay Transport Partner

Helping Customers Build Sustainable Supply Chains

We are pleased to announce that, further to our SmartWay submission for the 2014 reporting year, National Resources Canada (NRCan) has renewed our status as a “SmartWay Transport Partner in Good Standing”.

Day & Ross will remain on the Partner List as an active SmartWay partner on NRCan website at National Resources Canada under the “About” section.


POD and Additional Services Form

The Proof of Delivery (POD) and Additional Services Form (ASF) Are Legal Documents!

You must make a note of any damages or shortages/ overages on the POD or the ASF and have the delivery driver sign them before leaving.

When you sign a POD without making these notes or sign clear on the driver’s handheld without requesting an ASF, you acknowledge that you received the freight or shipment in good order.

The carrier is no longer responsible for any damages or shortages.


Appointment Freight

What Is Appointment Freight?

Appointment Freight occurs when the customer requests, via the Bill of Lading (BOL) or other means, to establish a time and date specific Appointment, or Call and Notify the consignee as a condition before attempting delivery. Certain consignees stipulate that all carriers book appointments under all circumstances or within certain parameters. Establishing and performing Appointment Deliveries has a significant impact on our ability to provide customers with the cost effective, high-speed service performance that they have come to expect.


Named Canada's Best for 2014

The Day & Ross Transportation Group and McCain Foods (Canada) each have been recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for 2014. Both companies are Platinum Club members of the awards program because they have maintained the Best Managed designation for at least six consecutive years. McCain has been recognized for each of the last eight years and Day & Ross for the last nine years.


Service to the Industry Award

John Doucet, President & CEO of The Day & Ross Transportation Group, has received the “Service to the Industry Award“ from the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association (APTA).

After 30 plus years, John’s passion for trucking is still quite visible and it is clear that he is still very committed to making a difference through his contribution to “the well-being and development of the trucking industry” which is the essence of such an award, as defined by APTA.



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