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CX Excellence Winners (Customer Experience) Q1

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Day & Ross Freight is pleased to announce its first Customer Experience (CX) Excellence Award Winners and the recipients of the CX Excellence Certificate for Q1 of Fiscal 2018 that ended on September 30th.

As a carrier committed to service excellence and customer experience, Day & Ross Freight has launched a CX Excellence Program aimed at recognizing and celebrating those employees and Owner Operators who go above and beyond in delivering a memorable customer experience. The foundation of the program is a CX Vision that embodies the company’s core values of being authentic, committed, caring, trusted, and enthusiastic.

The two winners are Sukhvir Banwait, Owner Operator, and Julie Gylland, National Account Coordinator, both located in Toronto. The positive feedback that Day & Ross Freight constantly receives on the winners’ work ethic and customer-centric attitude are second to none. Excerpts from the customer quotes are included below.

Julie Gylland, National Account Coordinator

“Julie is reliable, dedicated, and provides us with excellent customer service. Her prompt response times has helped us in providing our customers with quick and accurate information. Of particular value to me as a business owner is that Julie seems to be a team player, enthusiastic, and has an upbeat personality. She seems to have a commitment to exceed customer expectations. I regularly receive comments from our team that Julie is excellent to work with. Her professionalism and follow-through are a true asset for us.”

Sukhvir Banwait, Owner Operator

“Your driver Sukhvir was the most polite and considerate gentleman I have come in contact in the service industry for some time.  His kindness and the generosity shone through with his genuine willingness to help me.  I was very impressed and humbled by his kindness. In addition to him, everyone I spoke to at your Company has been both courteous and helpful.  Whoever is running the show (the captain of your ship there at Day and Ross) certainly has the right idea regarding customer service and how this is one of the best business practices for repeat business and word of mouth advertising.  It’s the human touch, and I can tell you, today I really appreciated it. Thank you again.  Your driver took care of me today and is a positive testament to how you run your company.”

The two winners and the following 15 nominees will all receive a CX Excellence Certificate in recognition of their excellence in and commitment to customer experience:  

  • Clifton Gordon, Owner Operator, Toronto
  • Colleen Tapp, Dispatcher, Dartmouth
  • Tony Curtis, Senior Dispatcher, Toronto
  • Patricia Irish, Dock Coordinator, Red Deer
  • Rakshpal S. Mann, P&D Driver, Calgary
  • Lorin Bell, Terminal Admin, Calgary
  • Baljinder Pardesi, P&D Driver, Calgary
  • Tina Langlais, Customer Experience Specialist, Grand Falls
  • Alex Leigh Hodgson, Terminal Clerk, Calgary
  • Bianca Fiacco, OS&D Supervisor, Toronto
  • Rosemarie Zagala, Accounts Payable, Calgary
  • Debbie Reolalas, Administrative Supervisor, Toronto
  • Harjit Singh Ghuman, City Broker, Calgary
  • Laikin VanWilligen, Customer Service Lead ADMIN, Woodstock
  • Margaret Henderson, Dispatcher, Calgary

Congratulations to all the winners and certificate recipients!


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