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How to Use the Points Guide

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Basing Points and the Published Points Guide

Unless otherwise specified, any point based or associated with a Basing Point shall take the same rate application as that Basing Point.

For example, Dieppe, New Brunswick, for which the delivery terminal is Moncton (MTN), is associated with Moncton, NB. Therefore, the rates and charges in all Day & Ross tariffs applying for Moncton will also apply for Dieppe.

Changes and Exceptions

This application may not be used when rates are published specifically for a non-basing point, such as Dieppe. Therefore, that specific named point in a customer tariff will take precedence, regardless of whether Moncton is also published in that tariff.

Rates beyond Corner Brook to Labrador points are seasonal rates only. During the winter when the ferry is unable to run, rates via air will apply where service available. Otherwise, freight will not be accepted to Labrador unless serviceable over Quebec City.

Rates to some Northwest, Nunavut, Yukon Territories, and Labrador points are subject to change during winter and spring break-up due to ice roads being impassable and ferries unable to run. Air Service is available upon request.

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