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CX Excellence Winners (Customer Experience) Q2

Monday, February 19, 2018

Day & Ross Freight is pleased to announce the Customer Experience (CX) Excellence Award Winners and the recipients of the CX Excellence Certificate for Q2 of Fiscal 2018 that ended on December 31st.

As a carrier committed to service excellence and customer experience, Day & Ross Freight has launched a CX Excellence Program aimed at recognizing and celebrating those employees and Owner Operators who go above and beyond in delivering a memorable customer experience. The foundation of the program is a CX Vision that embodies the company’s core values of being authentic, committed, caring, trusted, and enthusiastic.

The two winners are Clifton Gordon, Owner Operator, and Samantha Kinney, Customer Care Manager. The positive feedback that Day & Ross Freight constantly receives on the winners’ work ethic and customer-centric attitude are second to none. Excerpts from the customer quotes are included below.

The two winners and the following 22 nominees will all receive a CX Excellence Certificate in recognition of their excellence in and commitment to customer experience:  

  • Aline Paulin, Sales Coordinator
  • Catherine Diamond, Spot Quotes
  • Christine Wells, Regional Sales Coordinator
  • Clifton Gordon, Owner Operator
  • Denis Pichette, Owner Operator
  • Eric Hamilton, Driver/Owner Operator
  • Francine Cyr, Customer Care Supervisor
  • Francoise Langlais, Customer Experience Specialist
  • Jay Calhoun, OS&D
  • John Elsons, Driver
  • Judy Kavanagh, OS&D
  • Judy McCurdy, Accident Adjuster
  • Kim Levesque, Customer Experience Specialist
  • Kimberly Chuba, Regional Sales Coordinator
  • Mark Robinson, Customer Experience Specialist
  • Nikki DesJardins, Customer Service Specialist
  • Owen Smith, Owner Operator
  • Samantha Fortune, OS&D/Terminal Admin
  • Samantha Kinney, Customer Care Manager
  • Sarabjit Pandher, Owner Operator
  • Sebastian Przedmojski, Owner Operator
  • Tasha Lajoie, Customer Experience Specialist/My Day & Ross Support
  • Tereza Ferguson, Customer Service Specialist
  • Vicky Godbout, Customer Experience Specialist.

Congratulations to all the winners and certificate recipients!


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