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CX Excellence Award Winners Q4 Fiscal’18

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Hartland, NB - Day & Ross Freight Announcement

Day & Ross Freight is pleased to announce the Customer Experience (CX) Excellence Award Winners and the recipients of the CX Excellence Certificate for Q4 of Fiscal 2018 that ended on June 30th.

Overall, in Fiscal 2018, Day & Ross Freight recognized 115 team members who continue to support the company’s CX vision by going above and beyond in providing a memorable experience to its customers and by embracing the company’s CX values of being Authentic, Committed, Caring, Trusted, Enthusiastic.

As a carrier committed to service excellence and customer experience, Day & Ross Freight has launched a CX Excellence Program aimed at recognizing and celebrating those employees and Owner Operators who go above and beyond in delivering a memorable customer experience. The foundation of the program is a CX Vision that embodies the company’s core values of being authentic, committed, caring, trusted, and enthusiastic.

The two winners who will receive the CX Excellence Award at the end of the fiscal year and will attend the Gala Event are Jon Orton, Dock Supervisor – Calgary, and Kyle Schappert, Yard Supervisor - Winnipeg.

Jon Orton is a natural leader and a true customer experience advocate. Based on his CX nomination, “people volunteer to work for him. They have been overheard saying that they work extra hard with Jon is leading, not because he makes them, but because he sets clear expectations and everyone tries hard to meet them.” Although he has a busy schedule at Day & Ross, John also finds the time to volunteer in the community.

Kyle Schappert always welcomes our drivers with a smile and treats them with respect. As noted by a driver, “in the 13 years that he has been a driver, he has never met anyone who is as easy to deal with, who works as hard to make sure the drivers have everything they need to reduce turnaround time, and makes them feel as welcome as Kyle does.” Kyle works hard to build relationships with our driver community, exemplifying our commitment to building a Driver Friendly organization where everyone feels respected and included.


The two winners and the following 35 nominees will all receive a CX Excellence Certificate:

  • Alex Leigh Hodgson, OS&D
  • Aline Paulin, Sales Administrator Quebec
  • Amandeep (Amy) Bains, Owner Operator
  • Andrea Randall, OS&D
  • Catherine Diamond, Spot Quotes
  • Cheryl Hodgin, Transborder Clerk
  • Cheyenne Harrison, Admin Analyst
  • Desiree Arsenault, Admin Analyst
  • Emmanuel Belanger, Lead Hand
  • Fannie Durivage, Admin Coordinator
  • Jason Bubar, Billing
  • Jason Law, P&D Driver
  • Jean Levesque, Lead Hand
  • Jean Pierre Grant, Driver
  • Jennifer Caron, Customer Care Agent
  • Jennifer Meanwell, Appointment Clerk
  • Julie Rioux, CX Specialist
  • Lisa Lamarre, Customer Care Agent
  • Lori White,  Admin Analyst
  • Mike Power, Dock Employee
  • Ray Browne, Driver
  • Reg Butler, Driver
  • Robert MacKnight, Support Supervisor
  • Robin Cole, IRS
  • Roland Maillet, Dock Employee
  • Russ Scott, Dock Employee
  • Sandie Grenier, CS Rep
  • Sharon Stewart, Admin Coordinator
  • Surinder Sidhu, Owner Operator
  • Surjit Dhillion, Owner Operator
  • Tamara McAllister, Billing Team Lead
  • Tammy MacDougal, Credit Analyst
  • Tanya Rideout, Admin Analyst
  • Vicki Hawkins, Pricing Analyst
  • Yvette Bavis, Sales Coordinator - Atlantic Region

Congratulations to all the winners and certificate recipients!

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