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CX Excellence Award Winners Q2 & Q3 Fiscal’19

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

As we continue our Customer Experience journey into FY19, we are pleased to announce the four CX Excellence Award Winners and the recipients of the CX Excellence Certificates for Q2 and Q3.

Special thanks to all who took the time to nominate their peers and owner operators who support our CX vision by providing a memorable experience to our customers and by embracing our CX values.

The four winners who will receive the CX Excellence Award at the end of the fiscal year and will attend the Gala Event are Robert Welch, Operations Supervisor - Kingston, Suleiman Juma, Owner Operator – Edmonton, Manjit Rehill, Owner OperatorToronto, and Sharon Stewart, Administration CoordinatorPEI.

Robert Welch has been recognized for going above and beyond in volunteering his time to assist a major customer with streamlining their process on how to package their freight and prepare the Bill of Lading in order to eliminate shipper-related issues. Robert even took the time to take pictures of properly packaged freight that the customer could use in an internal training guide. The customer expressed their sincere appreciation for Robert’s input into their process improvement initiative.

Suleiman Juma is one of the many dedicated and hard-working owner operators in Edmonton, known not only for his smile and positive attitude, but also for his efforts in effectively communicating with our internal team (CCC, Dispatch, Operations) and customers to ensure we deliver on our service commitments. Often, customers take the time to recognize Suleiman for his “timely deliveries and friendly service”, as well as his “unbelievable customer service skills”.

Customers took the time to recognize Manjit Rehill for his efforts and for always doing a great job. “Manjit makes our life easier. He will wait for us when we happen to have a hot order, always happy, and will come later sometimes when we are overloaded, or earlier if it’s possible for him to do so. He has come to be someone we can depend on and that truly is good to see,” the Warehouse Manager with Canada Plant noted in an email sent to the Toronto management team. “If Day & Ross has a driver rating sheet, please give him 100 per cent,” they added.

Sharon Stewart, a CX Advocate who embraced the program from the beginning, has been recognized for her proactive communication in guiding a new customer on how to package their freight to avoid damages. Not only did she take the time to send packaging tips to the customer, but she also shared pictures of properly packaged products. Linda Alexander, Day & Ross Account Manager described Sharon’s professionalism as a great example of customer advocacy. “This is a new account that we are trying to get going and have them package their products properly. I mentioned that to Sharon and she reached out to the customer on her own. So impressed to see this type of communication,” said Linda. “Just fabulous.”

The four winners and the following 51 nominees will all receive a CX Excellence Certificate:

  1. Amandeep Dhaliwalm, P&D Driver (Calgary)
  2. Amy Domansky, Account Coordinator (Winnipeg)
  3. Bhupinder Brar, P&D Driver (Calgary)
  4. Brenda Bowen-Oppon, Admin Coordinator (Calgary)
  5. Daimon Batenchuk, Shunt Driver (Edmonton)
  6. Harvinder Nijjer, P&D Driver (Calgary)
  7. Inderjit Warraich, Owner Operator (Montreal)
  8. Jim Cuzner, Owner Operator (Windsor)
  9. Karen Rideout, IRS (Somerville)
  10. Laura Bacha, Admin Coordinator (Edmonton)
  11. Linda Daye, CX Specialist (Grand Falls)
  12. Lyne Cormier-Delih, CCC Agent (Grand Falls)           
  13. Marie Madden, Admin Assistant (Kingston)
  14. Mark A Williams, Logistics Coordinator (St. John’s NL)
  15. Mike Burns, Owner Operator (Windsor)
  16. Parminder Dhadda, P&D Driver (Calgary)
  17. Rashel Williams, CCC Agent (Grand Falls)
  18. Roger Morin, Driver (Montreal_
  19. Samantha O'Neil, CX Specialist (Grand Falls)
  20. Sukhwinder Dhillon, P&D Driver (Calgary)
  21. Vicky Hawkins, Pricing Analyst (Somerville)
  22. Wendy McAnespy, OS&D Coordinator (Moncton)
  23. Yvette Bavis, Sales Coordinator (Dartmouth)
  24. Amrinder Singh, P&D Driver – Calgary
  25. Amy Domansky, Regional Sales Coordinator – Winnipeg
  26. Angela Villeneuve, Functional Team Member, TMS Project – PMO Fredericton
  27. April Berg-Iverson, Regional Sales Administrator – Vancouver
  28. Ben Vanwart, Website Support Administrator – Grand Falls
  29. Brad McLean, Owner Operator – Woodstock
  30. Cheryl Hodgin, Transborder Coordinator – Saint John
  31. Chris McGill, Dispatcher – Montreal
  32. Cindy Bosse, Customer Care Representative – Grand Falls
  33. Erin Chesny, Administration Supervisor – Woodstock
  34. Fannie Durivage, Administration Coordinator – Montreal
  35. Grayson Clark, EDI Coordinator – Somerville
  36. Guillaume Delorme, Dock Lead Hand – Montreal
  37. Gurpal Singh Gill, P&D Driver – Calgary
  38. Guy Leblanc, P&D Driver – Moncton
  39. Jennifer Caron, Customer Care Representative – Grand Falls
  40. Jim Cuzner, Owner Operator – Windsor
  41. Jimmy Nicholas, Owner Operator – Toronto
  42. Joe Tibbits, Administration Analyst – Somerville
  43. Julia Heinz, Senior Transborder Coordinator – Vancouver
  44. Kathleen Lewis, Customer Care Representative – Grand Falls
  45. Lisa Levesque, Customer Experience Specialist – Grand Falls
  46. Melissa Krick, Administration Coordinator – Kelowna
  47. Melyssa Champagne, Administration Coordinator – Montreal
  48. Robin Hayes, Administration Analyst – Somerville
  49. Surjit Dhillon, Owner Operator – Toronto
  50. Tina Langlais, Customer Experience Specialist – Grand Falls
  51. Wendy Brown, Administration Analyst – Somerville.

Congratulations to all the winners and certificate recipients!

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