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CX Excellence Award Winners Q1 Fiscal’19

Monday, November 26, 2018

As we continue our CX journey into FY19, we are pleased to announce the two CX Excellence Award Winners and the recipients of the CX Excellence Certificates for Q1.

Special thanks to all who took the time to nominate their peers and owner operators who support our CX vision by providing a memorable experience to our customers and by embracing our CX values.

The two winners who will receive the CX Excellence Award at the end of the fiscal year and will attend the Gala Event are Maninderjeet (Mintu) Singh, Owner OperatorLethbridge AB, and Samantha O’Neil, Customer Experience SpecialistGrand Falls NB.

Maninderjeet (Mintu) Singh has been recognized for his discretionary efforts in ensuring customers’ freight was picked up on time. Mintu overheard the Operations Supervisor talking to another driver about being stuck behind an oversized shipment, which prevented him to make it on time to another customer location for a 4 pm regular scheduled pick-up. “Without being asked and without hesitation, Mintu volunteered to make the pickup, although his doctor recommended him to stay home after a weekend spent in the hospital”.

Samantha O’Neilis professional, exudes contagious enthusiasm and has deep insight into the accounts she looks after”, as noted by in her nomination. “Samantha is definition of good customer service. She is friendly, responsive and follows through on all tasks. I wish other carriers in the US had a representative like Samantha. She is fantastic!

The two winners and the following 10 nominees will all receive a CX Excellence Certificate:

  1. Aimee McKenney, Administrative Coordinator (Woodstock ON)
  2. Benoit Landry, CCC Supervisor (Grand Falls NB)
  3. David Manzer, Driver (Halifax NS)
  4. Eric Doyon, Dock Lead Hand (Montreal QC)
  5. Kayla Kilcollins, Customer Experience Specialist (Grand Falls NB)
  6. Kelly Grant, Administrative Analyst (Somerville NB)
  7. Line Gagnon, Administrative Coordinator (Montreal QC)
  8. Manjit Padda, Owner Operator (Toronto ON)
  9. Mike Power, Dock Employee (Moncton NB)
  10. Paula Gartley, Invoice Resolution Specialist (Somerville NB).

Congratulations to all the winners and certificate recipients!

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