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Customer Experience (CX) Excellence Award Winners: Q4 FY19

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Each year, our CX Excellence Program gives us a chance to recognize the employees, drivers, and owner operators across the country who embody our values, and deliver a memorable customer experience.

This quarter, we are pleased to announce the following CX Excellence Award Winners and the recipients of our CX Excellence Certificate:

CX Excellence Award Winners

Melanie Campbell, Truckload Admin U.S. Operations (Hartland, NB)
Melanie has been recognized for her outstanding work in streamlining processes to provide a positive experience for our drivers. “The broker community, as well as internal staff, have noticed and appreciated the fast turnaround time on pay sheets,” her nomination noted. The process improvement that Melanie implemented has significantly increased driver satisfaction. The Broker Services Team is getting daily feedback that Melanie’s work has virtually eliminated wait times for driver payment.

Mardros Daneil, Driver (Toronto, ON)
Mardros received recognition for his safe driving during inclement weather. Lynn was travelling from Calgary to Regina during a snowstorm, losing count of the many semi-trailers, cars, and trucks in the ditch along the way. Of the many drivers on the road that day, Mardros was “the most responsible, safest, and most courteous driver” she had come upon. “I wish all truck drivers could drive like he did,” she added. “The roads would be a lot safer for sure.

We look forward to celebrating our winners at the upcoming CX Gala in September.

Along with our two winners, the following 15 nominees will receive a CX Excellence Certificate:

  • Valerie Desjardins, Customer Care Centre, Supervisor
  • Marc Prudhomme, Driver
  • Stephanie Yeung, Admin Coordinator
  • Jason Bubar, Admin Analyst
  • Saiqa Khan, Sales Coordinator
  • Janis Concepcion, Admin Coordinator
  • James Newman, Dock Lead Hand
  • Riley McLaughlin, Customer Care Centre Representative
  • Eddy Thibodeau, Planner
  • Dakota Bateman, Admin Coordinator
  • Elissa Herman, Admin Coordinator
  • Tanya Rideout, Admin Analyst
  • Melissa Dionne, TLC Supervisor

Special thanks to everyone who took the time to nominate their peers.

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