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Appointment Freight

Monday, March 30, 2015

What Is Appointment Freight?

Appointment Freight occurs when the customer requests, via the Bill of Lading (BOL) or other means, to establish a time and date specific Appointment, or Call and Notify the consignee as a condition before attempting delivery. Certain consignees stipulate that all carriers book appointments under all circumstances or within certain parameters. Establishing and performing Appointment Deliveries has a significant impact on our ability to provide customers with the cost effective, high-speed service performance that they have come to expect.

How Does Appointment Freight Add to the Overall Cost?

Appointment Freight creates additional cost impacts that may not be readily apparent.

  • When shipments requiring an appointment arrive at our destination terminal, they generally cannot be loaded directly to a delivery unit. Often the shipment has to be staged on the dock while the appointment request is made to the consignee, causing additional freight handling.
  • Appointment requests to the consignee can be a time-consuming process, usually requiring multiple telephone calls, emails, faxes, or web inquiries in order to establish the appointment.
  • Appointments are usually granted by the consignee a day or more after the request has been presented. As a result, appointment freight is stored in the terminal or on trailers. These requirements have a significant impact on our terminal and trailer utilization, thus hindering our ability to maximize returns from our invested assets.
  • Many large consignees, given the complexity of their business, have developed processes that address their needs, but not necessarily those of the carrier. Truck congestion at delivery sites results in extended driver waiting times, poor utilization of equipment, and lost productivity.

What Is the Cost?

The Appointment Fee is $30.00 per shipment (for domestic shipments only; for transborder shipments, please refer to Accessorial Services under Resources - Guides) which will be billed to the payer of freight charges. Appointment Delivery/Call Notification is considered an accessorial (additional) service and is coded as APTFGT or CALNOT on our invoice. The charge is applied to a PRO when delivery has been requested at a specific date and time, i.e. within a delivery window (6 hrs or less) or a specific time of day, e.g. AM/PM delivery.

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