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Dedicated To Reducing Our Impact On The Environment

Protecting The Environment Is Everyone’s Responsibility

As a member of the McCain Foods Group of Companies, Day & Ross Freight is committed to maintaining sustainability standards throughout our business. After all, a healthy environment is integral to the very products that helped build this company. As such, we are committed to true sustainability, guided by our principles of safety, integrity, quality, and social and environmental responsibility.

To help preserve the quality of the environment and minimize our impact on the land, water and air we use, Day & Ross Freight is continually working to enhance our product and service quality, wherever your transportation requirements send us. In today’s economy, transportation is inevitable; using a transportation company that practices the highest levels of environmental stewardship is responsible.

Smartway® Is The Right Way To Sustainability

Being responsible does not end at complying with the law; that is a minimum standard. Day & Ross Freight is continuously improving our performance to help reduce the adverse impacts on the environment.

As a SmartWay® Transport Partner in good standing since 2009, Day & Ross demonstrates its commitment to being an environmentally conscious carrier. The SmartWay® Transport Partnership is an innovative partnership between public and private stakeholders with the shared goal of saving fuel and reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution from the freight transportation supply chain. Originally launched by the United States Environmental Protection Agency in 2004, SmartWay® has been administered in Canada by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) since 2012.

Doing More With Less

Day & Ross also continues to make significant improvements with our “Green” footprint by increasing the use of Long Combination Vehicles. The use of LCV’s has reduced fuel consumption, enhanced service for our customers, improved overall competitive advantage and most importantly is contributing to the decrease of greenhouse gases.

Over and above the SmartWay® program, as a company, we measure our overall fuel consumption as it relates to fuel performance (MPG), information that is relayed quarterly through our Environmental Health and Safety review with the Board of Directors of McCain Foods Limited, our parent company.

In addition, we have begun installing devices in a portion of the fleet to measure, record and manage performance as it pertains to fuel consumption and idling.

In addition, Day & Ross Freight continues to invest other environmental initiatives:

  •  Road Trains – hauling two trailers with one tractor; every mile run with a road train eliminates a mile that would have been run previously with a second tractor.
  • Aerodynamics – the increased use of aerodynamic technology, such as a trailer skirts on the Linehaul fleet, continues to support an improved MPG through reduced aerodynamic drag.
  • Electric Power – the introduction of electric powered materials handling equipment into the various operating divisions, with plans to increase the scope and breadth of this technology, has further reduced the overall carbon footprint and greenhouse gas output associated with the traditional internal combustion engines historically in use.
  • Automated Transmission Technology – the adoption of automated transmission technology continues to increase in the Day & Ross fleet, allowing for increased fuel performance and maximized efficient utilization of technology.
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