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Specialized Services


Delivering More Shipping Capability to Your Supply Chain

Dangerous Goods, Heavy Haul and Warehousing—We Do It All

Day & Ross Freight is equipped to manage all of your specialized freight and shipping requirements that go beyond LTL, TL or temperature-controlled service. In addition to our dry and reefer equipment, we also feature a fleet of Long Combination Vehicles (LCV) and flatbeds (varying combinations) to deliver the right solution for your diversified requirements.

For a truly customized end-to-end supply chain solution, Day & Ross Freight also provides full warehousing services, dedicated fleets, reverse logistics and consolidation and deconsolidation services. No matter what you need, consider us as your opportunity to have one carrier deliver all of your shipping needs.

Unmatched Specialized Services:

  • Consolidation and Deconsolidation Services
  • Dangerous Goods Requirements
  • Heavy Haul Moves
  • End-to-End Supply Chain Resources
  • Reverse Logistics

Consolidation And Deconsolidation Services

Whether you need to consolidate smaller shipments or deconsolidate larger shipments for distribution, Day & Ross Freight can build detailed consolidation loads based on your own clients’ inventory replenishment requirements, thus helping you improve your supply chain efficiency. Our 99.6% claims free ratio is a testimony to the level of quality service we provide.

Dangerous Goods And Hazardous Materials

Day & Ross Freight’s experience in transporting and safely handling your hazardous materials and dangerous goods shipments positions us as a leader in the industry. We are fully equipped to manage just about any dangerous goods requirements you have while fully complying with all laws, codes and industry standards.

Heavy Haul And Flatbed

Freight too large for a standard truck? Does it need to be crane loaded? Does it go to a construction or drilling site? Is it wider than 96” or over 100” tall? Then, most likely you need a flatbed. Let our Flatbed Specialists help you determine which type of flatbed is most appropriate for your freight. Our fleet is comprised of a variety of equipment (RGNs, step-decks, and B-trains) that help us to easily accommodate your freight.

End-To-End Supply Chain Solutions

Let day & Ross Freight help turn your supply chain challenges into efficiency opportunities. Our team of supply chain solution experts will work with you to analyze your supply chain strategy and your transportation and distribution network, in order to identify opportunities for cost savings and untapped synergies. The final result: a more agile and lean supply chain.

Reverse Logistics

Your returns processing has to be accurate, optimized and efficient. At Day & Ross Freight, we provide all of the expertise and automated systems required to ensure the highest performance available. We deliver maximum recovery to maintain your bottom line and your space clear of inventory.

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