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Flatbed Services


Safe Handling of Your Over-Dimensional and Heavy-Haul Freight

For over 30 years, Day & Ross Freight has been delivering Flatbed Services across Canada and cross-border to the U.S.!

Does your freight need to be crane loaded? Do you ship to a construction or drilling site? Is your freight wider than 96” or over 100” tall? Does it weigh up to 68,000 lbs (within Canada) or up to 42,000 lbs (into or out of the US)? Then most likely you need a flatbed. Let our Flatbed Specialists help you determine which type of flatbed is most appropriate for your freight.

Our fleet is comprised of a variety of trailers that help us to easily accommodate your freight:

  • Drop-Deck Trailer
  • Double-Drop Deck or RGNs (Removable Gooseneck) Trailer
  • Step-Deck Trailer
  • Flatbed Trailer

 Day & Ross Freight is specialized in handling various commodities including:

  • building materials;
  • heavy machinery;
  • construction equipment;
  • oil & gas equipment;
  • telecommunications towers;
  • construction pipeline;
  • mining equipment; and
  • fibre optic cables.

When it comes to flatbed moves, specially trained drivers and experienced operations staff make all the difference. Let us show you how we can deliver value for you while securely and safely handling your over-dimensional and heavy-haul freight.

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