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FAQs - Pick-up Requirements


Pick-up Requirements

1. Can I pre-book a pick-up for next week? 

Yes; both Day & Ross and R+L Carriers have the system ability to store advanced pickups up to 30 days.  Please call our Customer Care Centre (CCC) at 1.866.329.7677.

2. Can I book a pick-up for the same time every day, even if there is no freight to be picked up so can the driver just drop in?

We can certainly set up a driver to go into your location daily as an “auto-pickup”. However, it is not ideal to have a driver drop in if you will not have any freight for us that day. If you do not have freight available, please call and let us know so that we can better allocate our resources. 

3. How much advanced notice do you need for a pick-up?  

Our pickups are generally completed in the afternoon before 5:00 pm and we require at least a two-hour window before the customer’s close time. That being said, should you require morning pickups or late day pickups, please call a day ahead so our Customer Care Associates can get the proper approval and make the arrangements with the terminal.

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