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FAQs - Miscellaneous



1. Where can I find your holiday shipping schedule?

For a copy of the holiday schedule, please see Holiday Schedule.

2. I want my shipment to be held at the local terminal instead of being shipped to me. Can I just tell the Spot Quote Representative? 

Our Spot Quotes Department will be happy to give you a quote; however, Day & Ross will use the shipper’s Bill of Lading as the final shipping instructions.  If your shipment has already been picked up and you require changes to the destination, please call our Customer Care Department at 1.866.329.7677.

3. If I fill out the credit application, how long will it be until I get an account number? 

The process takes approximately 24 hours from the time our Credit Department receives it, unless information is missing or further review is required. In that case, it can take up to one week.    

4. How long will your driver wait for pick-up and delivery?

Typically this would be up to the driver’s discretion based on their current route, time and volume.

5. What is your policy on property damages? Whom do I advise? 

We have an accident line that deals with vehicle accidents/damages and general property damages that may have been caused by one of our drivers.  Should you have property damages, please contact 888-779-3401.

6. Do you provide skids and shrink wrap?  And if so, at what cost?  

Day & Ross does not provide skids and shrink wrap. It is the shipper’s responsibility to ensure their freight is packaged in a safe and secure manner for transport. For tips on how to package your freight, please refer to the Guides page under the Resources section on our website.

7. Do you break down skids and take packaging away?  

Day & Ross can break down the skids and take the packaging away at the request of the consignee; however, additional charges will apply.

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