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FAQs - Claims



1. What is your claims policy?

For a copy of our Claims Policy, please see Claims Policy.

2. Can I submit my claim online?

If you want to submit your claim online, please use the Claim Form.

3. What is your policy on concealed damages? Your driver left 20 minutes ago and we see the freight is damaged now. 

(a) When damage to, or loss of, contents of a shipping container is discovered by the consignee that could not have been determined at time of delivery, it must be reported by the consignee to the delivering carrier within 24hrs.

(b) Notice of loss or damage and request for inspection may be given by telephone or in person, but in either event must be confirmed by a written or electronic communication.

(c) The consignee must hold the shipping container and its contents in the same condition they were in when damage was discovered, insofar as it is possible to do so.

(d) The consignee must submit a claim immediately so the facts can be determined by an adjuster with regards to liability.

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The page you are accessing is only available from a desktop.